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Enzymes are remarkable biocatalyst that are responsible for every chemical conversion in living organism. The Kaila Lab, lead by Prof. Ville Kaila, is focused on understanding molecular principles of enzyme catalysis, with a special emphasis on how biological systems capture and store chemical or light energy and transduce this into other energy forms. These processes are of key importance for understanding the molecular basis of cell respiration and photosynthesis. To obtain insight in the structure, energetics, and dynamics of these fascinating biomolecules, we  develop new methodology of computational biochemistry in combination with biophysical experiments. We are affiliated with the Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Munich (Technische Universität München).

Key selected papers: Warnau et al. (2018) PNAS 115: E8413-E8420.; Mader et al. (2018) Nature Comm 9, 1168:1-8.; Supekar et al. (2018) Chem Science 9:6703-6710.; Gamiz-Hernandez et al. (2017) JACS 139:16282-16288; Suomivuori et al. (2017)  PNAS 114:7043-7048; Di Luca et al. (2017) PNAS 114:E6314-E6321; Sharma et al. (2015) PNAS 112:11571-11576; Supekar et al. (2016) Angew Chemie Intl Ed 55:11940-11944; Kaila et al.  (2014) PNAS 111:6988-6993; Kaila et al. (2014) Nature Chem 6:258-259.


Prof. Ville R. I. Kaila
Department of Chemistry
Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Lichtenbergstr. 4
D-85747 Garching

Ph:  +49-89-289-13421 (secretary I)/
+49 89 289 13616 (secretary II/dept.);
Fax:  +49 89 289 13622
E-mail: ville.kaila . AT. ch.tum.de